First Working Day in Loong Year

Release time: 2024 02 19


On the 18th February, GSP starts the first working day of Loong Year. 


In the early morning, when people walk into the GSP, will get a sincere greeting. The Chairman Jiaru Zhou, CEO Richard Zhou and leaders of each department brought a warm welcome with red packets for GSP families. New year new start, let’s embrace the fruitful this year. 

The red packet means a greeting from leaders, also an encouragement to everyone. “The red packet makes us feel warm in heart. I’m so glad to receive that sweet gift which presents caring for our security officer.” The security officer Xianyang Zhao who stays on duty at the company during Spring Festival said.

At 10 AM, Chairman Jiaru Zhou brought the EMT team to each department for a greeting. He thanked everyone’s effort last year and encouraged employees. “We need to stay humble, keep studying and make every day meaningful. The secret to being successful is diligence. If we make full preparation before others, I’m sure we could surpass the competition.” Said Jiaru Zhou.


At the same time, the General Manager of Nanjing GSP Yuanjun Liu hosted the New Year greeting activity and delivered red packets in Nanjing too. 


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